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Bring Back The Cow!

Posted by Benjamin Towle on

When we launched BeautyCow both I and my partner (now wife Katy) had big ideas for both the Salon and the website. We've been asked why call it BeautyCow? We'll it was because of a mix of reasons. Prior to BeautyCow Katy ran Absolute hair and beauty and I was running another website Skin care UK Centre. With reasonable success of the website we had a sit down and researched other online stores around us. It soon became apparent that skincareukcentre was not going to be easy to remember. With other store names very similar we sat down and fired some ideas at each other.

We wanted to tell people from the off that we sold Beauty products and Beauty was the starting block. With the Moonpig website big at that time and even bigger now we wanted something catchy. Within minutes we had a list of names one of which was Beauty Bitch! After saying it we know it would be remembered but we already had a specific salon Client base too which we did not want to upset. The Bitch morphed into cow as Katy's family is of a farming background and as we resided in Devon we thought we maybe to link it all together.

We ran it past are friends and family and thought we could market this name with the tools we already had. ie a black and white printer for leaflets and flyers etc.

Back then it was all about the leg work and myself and our staff at that time hit the streets of Plymouth with flyers and leaflets posting thousands through letter boxes.

The new site looked good but we needed something that people remembered...

Say hello to the cow!       

We had thousands of these made into cow shaped postcards with what we did on them and out we went again.

After many website updates trying to keep up with all our suppliers demands for a fresh clean looking site the Cow was dropped (the suppliers liked the name but not the gimmick and wanted the site to look more professional).

Personally I thought it looked great but after several suppliers had brought it up we decided to remove the cow.

18 months on and I am still receiving messages and comments about where the Cow has gone! 

Anyway after some thought and encouragement from some friends the Cow is back! 

Maybe this is a silly thing to be writing about but looking at the Cow now makes me smile and if a simple Cow Character can do that then maybe it will make you smile also, and hopefully remember us?

So for now the Cow stays....

What I do wish to do with the Cow is open to what you (hopefully the readers of this post can think of what you'd like us to do with out Cow and maybe the cow needs a name?